1953 Stuart Surridge Cricket Bat.


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For sale is this ripper 1953 Stuart Surridge Cricket bat. The Surridge bat company was founded back in 1867 when Percy Surridge started repairing bats and selling them. The Surridge company officially opened its doors back in 1900. Percy handed over the company to His grandson Stuart in the 1950s. Stuart was considered one of Surry greatest captains leading his team to many titles. Surridge bats were used by some fairly hand cricketers including W G Grace, Viv Richards and former Australian Captain Mark Taylor.
As you can see by the photos this bat comes in fairly good condition, with only a couple of minor cracks and dings, with its Tapered handle still with a rubber grip. This bat measures 85 cm in length and has a width of 11cm.

Additional information

Weight 1.060 kg
Dimensions 90 × 15 × 10 cm